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ADAM. 3D Printed Bones
3D Printed Bones

ADAM is a Ukrainian startup that has developed 3D printing technology for human bones and organs. This is a truly revolutionary project in the field of medical technology.


We joined the project at the stage of attracting the first round of investments. At this stage, it was important to form a coherent identity and prepare effective presentation materials, including videos for use during pitches and for publications in the media, as well as a website that would serve as an online presentation.

Video presentation

We created a video that aimed to create an atmosphere and inspire viewers with the idea that a person can recreate himself by removing the boundaries and barriers that previously stood in front of him.

Resource constraints pushed us to the decision to build the video entirely in 3D graphics, without the use of footage.

The plot was built around a retrospective showing the development of life in which man has taken a dominant position. In this retrospective, the technology of the ADAM project becomes one of the key points that changes the course of history.

Since the video was used mainly during pitches or in articles about the project, it was possible to make it slow and enveloping.


Since the site performed an exclusively presentational function and the content in it was supposed to be permanent, we decided to use the Readymag for implementation.

On the basis of the site and using graphics from the video, the general style of ADAM was formed. The style is characterized by its futurism and assertiveness.

Subsequently, we developed the identity in the form of presentations and additional video materials.

Advertising campaign

After a successful start, the project began active development. A cloud platform has been developed that allows you to create a 3D model of your body based on MRI, which we periodically do while undergoing various examinations. In fact, this platform allows you to make a backup of your body, so that later you can reproduce it if necessary.

The purpose of the advertising campaign was to achieve as many registrations on the platform as possible. The campaign targeted English-speaking countries, primarily the US and Australia.

The target audience includes people of dangerous professions or people whose friends/relatives are such. The basis of the campaign was a video, the first part of which is designed to capture the attention of the viewer and point out a problem that is close to him. The second part offers a solution in the form of ADAM technology and calls to register on the platform.

Here's how it works:

Also, the landing page was adapted for the campaign, where you can register on the platform.

Now the campaign is in an active stage and its first results are inspiring.

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