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Modular logo
Alternate color space
Misuse of the logo
Red dot

The red dot is the one that had gone through all the Hacken's identity. Appearing as a barely noticeable element in it continued developing through Hackit's identity.

A red dot symbolizes danger, vulnerability, error. This shape is intuitive as it has a direct associative connection with an aim to focus.

Here we encapsulate a dot into a border to eliminate the danger. A number of border segments converge with a number of researchers working on a single vulnerability.


Brand colours are strong and single-minded. Intentionally narrow, we wanted to build strong association, particularly with our Warm red and Cold blue.

Titles typography
Text typography

Grid is a symbol of the prokect structure that hackers work with. And the red dots are viruses, bugs, errors in the digital world that distort this space. The solution with the grid is used as text background, decor element of the poster, cover, screensaver.

User interface
Animated icons
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