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TA Ventures is a venture company that invests in early-stage startups. The company's most recent focus is Mobility and Digital Health.

Our goal was to rebrand the company in order to enhance its current presence in the market, highlight it as a cutting-edge innovative player, as well as to establish its distinct image compared to other venture funds.

An additional task was to reduce the use of the company's full name - TA Ventures, and switch to the shorter version - TAV - instead.

We based brand identity on the modular mesh design, which determined logo and text block aesthetics. The mesh can be interpreted as a coordinate system that reflects the company's precision and systematic approach. The mesh also resembles longitudes and latitudes, thus conveying the world wide idea

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As part of the overall rebranding, we've developed a web-site that highlights company strengths, special features and projects, as well as serves as brand image presentation. 

The web-site is also an information and education stop. Visitors can access useful resources for free in the Learning Center section, which includes news, feature articles, books, blogs and podcasts.

The web-site works fast on any device. It features light animation, well-structured information and smart accents.

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