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Wordminds is an agency that specializes in a broad range of translation services. The agency works with approximately 160 languages and has a huge community of translators all around the world. Our task was to develop a website that would represent Wordminds and help it manage translation jobs, targeting mostly b2b segment.


Because Wordminds' work is fully text-based, we've decided to build the website concept on text processing, editing and (obviously) translation techniques. All website graphics is created using text symbols taken from different languages.

Here's how this works as seen on the website's first screenshot.


To add some spirit, we've included emoticons into the communication.


As one of the website's tasks is to present the company, we've paid a lot of attention to user-friendly interactive storytelling, which involves the user into a dialogue right from the home page and urges them to interact with the service.

Functional solutions

To streamline communications with users and increase conversion rate, we've developed an online calculator that allows to calculate the cost of translating a specific text into any available language, including a number of different add-ons, right on the spot. The calculator is built in a way that it functions as an interactive price-list and a contact form at the same time.

One of our focus points was developing the mobile version of the website and the details of interface operation on a smartphone. Check it out yourself ;)

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