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Tailored for uniqueness

There's an unspoken romantic tension between us and Influ2, and it's no surprise — we share a lot in common: openness, humanity, a thirst for discovery, and a drive to enhance our own products.

We lent a helping hand to Influ2 in their quest for improvement. It all began with a design system, but as creativity often leads, we ended up crafting a detailed guide, painting their site, conjuring up a collection of illustrations, and even designing a custom font. Every time we witness their team breathe life into a new design, we're filled with admiration and pride.

For those who might be new to the scene: Influ2 is a B2B platform specializing in personalized marketing. In simple terms, it ensures your ads reach only the audience you, as a business, truly want to target.

It's an intricate fusion of machine learning wizardry that tracks ad interactions and a team of fantastic folks who brought this product to life and continue to nurture it to this day.

At the core of every process, it's the human touch that counts. That's why we opted for clean layouts, straightforward forms, and whimsical drawings — the kind each of us has sketched in the margins of a notebook during a riveting meeting.

No need to craft an elaborate narrative; just sketch a tiny mouse near a serious slide, and the whole story comes alive. This approach does blur the lines between the advertiser and the viewer, but that's precisely the mission of Influ2 — connecting people through meaningful interactions.

Project Manager — Anna Partyn

Creative Director — Alex Twista

Art director — Masha Bystrova

UI/UX designers — Anya Poly, Natalia Vovk

Graphic Designer — Pasha Karelin

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