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Since 2017, Kurdcoin has been the leading crypto exchange in Iraq, facilitating quick buying and selling of cryptocurrencies. We have developed a new design identity and website for the platform.

Our design approach combines austere simplicity with dynamic visual effects, offering users a fresh cryptotrading experience compared to Kurdcoin's competitors.

Trust lies at the core of Kurdcoin's philosophy. Therefore, even in the design, we aimed to create a sense of security and transparency. When users visit the site, they should feel that the platform is dedicated to safeguarding their assets and personal information.

We have curated a vibrant and expansive color palette that adds emotion and allows for seamless integration of the vast amount of content produced by Kurdcoin. Simultaneously, the layout maintains cleanliness and balance, instilling a sense of security for crypto-finance.

The updated logo retains familiarity for regular customers while slightly refreshing their experience. Additionally, we have developed a color system for 3D visualizations, drawing inspiration from the dynamic world of cryptocurrencies. The Kurdcoin team will have the ability to independently transform 3D models and incorporate them into their style.

To empower the Kurdcoin team in producing new content independently, we've developed an in-depth guide on designing headings, photos, video materials, and other SMM formats within our new design system.

Creating a design using an Arabic font presented a unique and interesting challenge for us. We delved into the intricate world of Arabic typography and composition. The Arabic script possesses a distinctive characteristic known as the "other side of writing." This fundamental difference greatly influenced the composition and font selection process. However, we successfully managed it, and the Kurdcoin team was pleasantly surprised.

We believe that Kurdcoin's new design concept will revolutionize how people perceive cryptocurrency trading brands.


Creative director - Alex Twista

Designers - Anatoly Todorov & Anna Poly & Artur Spaskyi

3D designer - Sergiy Irhin

Project manager - Ana Partyn

Account director - Viktoria Nutsal

Front end developer Olga Khomutyanska

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