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N1 is the first specialized fintech fund

Team N1 approached us for a comprehensive solution, including brand strategy and positioning, identity, and communications strategy.

N1 is a specialized investment company that turns promising solutions into a profitable fintech business and helps fintech startups grow.

The positioning is honest and direct

An analysis of the fund's portfolio led us to the conclusion that N1 should narrow its focus to fintech projects only. The client's audience is young founders who do not need flowery language; they already have a vision for their business and the world. That's why we promised them simply and honestly that we will turn their ideas into a profitable business. It's great that the N1 team has all the resources for this.

The design is bold and minimalist

Based on the positioning, it became clear that the identity should be free of unnecessary decorations, focusing on maximum functionality and being strictly to the point. Even the N1 logo was made up of a single symbol – a unit. In addition, we aimed to convey the team's sporty, ambitious, and competitive vibe through the design. Minimalism in the elements suggests speed and energy, while extra elements would overburden and slow down the fund's image. We also prepared design guidelines for printed materials, merchandise, pitch decks, Telegram communication, and other channels.

Communication is straightforward

Without videos, complex visuals, or challenges with viral potential, we focused on the main thing investors value – the investors themselves. Therefore, the brand will address the audience through its leader – Nikita Izmailov. We also chose the fastest communication channels, such as Telegram and the community itself, where information and updates arrive quickly and directly to the intended recipients.


All our efforts in messaging, focusing on the essence of the brand, the team, and the result, were realized on the foundation's website. We also continued the story with the development of the team's brand, so that even before meeting fintech startup founders, they could look their future partners in the eye and fall in love a little.


Strategist — Vlad Shpyl

Art directors — Anatolii Todorov, Anna Poly

Copywriter — Kostyantyn Kalyukin

Graphic designer — Syoma Mokrov

Project manager — Anna Partyn

Creative director — Alex Twista

Web designer — Anatoly Todorov

Frontend — Viktoria Bekish

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