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Щастя Здоров’я
The first Ukrainian vertical farms

“Shchastya Zdotovya'' (Happiness Health) is something you can wish your friends. Underground vertical farms, where a bunch of greenery is grown, right in the middle of the city. By the way, the first in Ukraine! It is useful both for ecology and convenient for logistics.

“Shchastya Zdotovya'' brand has become an unusual customer for us. They first asked for in-depth interviews aimed at finding the key value of the brand. As a result, they received a strategic approach with a key message based on value, a website combined with a design system and photo production.


We immersed ourselves in research with very different segments of the audience: gourmets, parents, vegetarians, young people, and so on. All in order to find a common consumer insight and compare it with the benefits of "Shchastya Zdotovya". It turned out that freshness is the first and key criterion for product choice in the store.

"Closest of all"

We got very good news as a result of research. After all, "Shchastya Zdotovya" offers people the freshest greens that can be obtained in the city. How? The secret is the technology: the plants are cut at the right stage, instead of ripening in dark containers during transportation. Therefore, the shelf life of the product is probably short! And the main thing is that the farms themselves are located in the city, which allows greens to be quickly delivered to the consumer crispy and juicy.

This is how we formulated the key value of the brand: "Greens that are closest to you."

At the same time, we are close to people not only physically but also emotionally. The crop is available in any season, farms use much less water, do not deplete the soil, leave a smaller carbon footprint, and plants do not need to be sprayed against pests. In addition, everything is collected and hand sorted by staff with a chef's background.

Thus, the concept of "Greens closest to all" became the basis for communication on the website and its visual style.

Design practice

The style of the website was to convey the right mood of the brand: lively, crunchy and appetizing. Therefore, the system is built on: rounded corners; big nice buttons; juicy color palette; live animations and micro-animations; emotional photos.


The key value of our brand is perfectly matched to the needs of the consumer. Therefore, it was enough for us to reveal the product as it is. The site's storytelling is based on both the text, which contains strategic messages and photos. The photos emphasize the content of the messages and metaphorically show the consumption of our fresh product. The site "Shchastya Zdorovlya" became especially noticeable also because in such a category of goods nobody dares to have bright communication.


To create juicy photos and convey the tactile sensations of our product, a large team was put together: a photographer, food stylist, models and retouchers. By the way, we also acted as models.

In the process, we learned something new: at the end of filming, some plants may become "tired", so we will have to make another attempt the next day.

So it turns out that when you start with research, you get accurate communication.

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