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Modern Japanese cuisine

Japan is different: unfathomable, unexplored, yet tasty, and Japanese are weird and so unlike us 🍤

With the help of this new message we are helping Sushiya change its brand image through direct association with contemporary Japan, its technologies, advertising and trends.

We are able to communicate the typical mood and emotions via symbols, hieroglyphs, color palette, wild video sequences and an earworm song (sorry not sorry).


The concept is based on taste. There are four commonly known tastes: sweet, salty, sour and bitter. The fifth taste was discovered in Japan... Umami! As the fifth element!

Each taste is represented by a character. They are working together to achieve a perfect balance of taste. All the five tastes together are seen as a superhero family, as each of them has their own unique power.

Оishiiiiii 😊

With this new message we are helping our audience understand Japan better - through learning new words and typical modern habits and traditions. The short message presenting the main idea: so taaaaaaasty! Not just taaaasty, but oishiiiiii 😊

Japanese online retreat

Educational component - learning about Japan via browsing through

The page has 25 concealed cool Japanese websites. From local Tokyo news to vertical writing guide. Clicking on the pixel waterfall will immediately transport you to the Shinjuku Center 🎎.

As a bottom line, here's some website statistics:

Combo - Bombo!
Style scalability

The number of rolls is growing! Taste adventures continue!

To be continued
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