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UNIT.City have turned to us to develop a design system that would allow working with the ecosystem's many projects, which have emerged over the past years, as well as match the brand's new positioning and the big plans that UNIT has for the next few years.


From day one it was clear that we didn't want to change the truly powerful logo well-matched with the brand image. Yet there were a number of logo-related issues we needed to solve. We highlighted letter U, making it an alternative logo on its own, as well as made all ecosystem's project names start with "UNIT.". We also came up with the localization format for UNIT in different cities, using the outlines of corresponding territories.

Design system

The developed identity represents the rebellious high-tech spirit of the brand. Logo, font, rich color and image palette play well together, creating a vibrant and unconfined visual language for UNIT. To streamline working with different materials and ensure consistency of style, we've developed a basic grid for combining different visual elements.


We've introduced a new font based on TT Travels' grotesqueness and a wide array of graphic symbols (about 5 per each letter). The font became one of the most distinctive identity elements. It allows to focus the viewer's attention on the message, and graphic letters can be used to create independent narratives and animation.


Another key identity element is the rich color palette, in particular –– a selection of two-color combinations.

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